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What makes HGA stand out from the crowd?

1. Our success rate in making deals happen

We do not take on a challenge lightly! Why? We carry out rigorous background checks on prospective clients before engaging with them - as we want to pick and back the winners. Our ethos is quality not quantity. We are tenacious and loyal, and once we are committed to you as our client we are with you until your deal has been delivered. We want to you to be our future advocates as delighted and successful clients.

2. Unique level of personal service

We limit the number of our engaged clients at any point in time. We will not compromise client service. We do not play a "numbers game". We pride ourselves on an attentive and prompt service. You will work directly and exclusively with us as principals. We will both work on your transaction. You want, and you get our expertise and skill - you are not palmed off with an office junior.

3. People are the key element in every deal

We concentrate on the people chemistry of your transaction at least as much as the other elements - like the financials, the funding, timing etc.. We search out "round pegs for round holes" - where you will feel the fit with the people on the other side of the deal. This mutual trust makes the strong platform to survive the rollercoaster process to completion and the strains in the early days of the business handover.

4. We operate on a confidential, discrete off-market basis

We use personal contact as much as possible - using our leads, contacts and instincts to your maximum advantage. We attend and lead each meeting during your transaction, and ensure there is effective and clear communication. We do not use any web based scattergun advertising, and we target the other party in your deal precisely with careful planning. We endeavour to ruthlessly weed out the tyre kickers and the time wasters.

5. Independent

Bob Hollis and Patrick Gore own HGA and we are independent and objective in our advice. We are not linked to any accounting nor legal practice, and we don't take fees from banks or funders. We are exclusively focused on delivering successful transactions for clients.

6. Robustly challenge you - because the other side will too!

We give practical, blunt, honest advice at all times even if it is unpalatable. This is the best preparation and rehearsal for what will happen during your transaction. If we exorcise all the deal stoppers early, you stand a much greater chance of completing your deal.

Bob Hollis: 0117 973 9373      Patrick Gore: 02920 757 047

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