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Management buy-outs... Management buy-ins... Buy-in Management buy-outs

These transactions account for over half of HGA's workload, and are where we have significant expertise and experience.

Whether you are a manager that has the opportunity to buy that business, or whether you are a manager inside an organisation and you think "why do the owners take all the money I generate? I could do better than that" - we can definitely help you.

Both Bob Hollis and Patrick Gore have used their own money to do these transactions before setting up HGA, and have advised on many such deals.

MBOs normally provide good returns for stakeholders in such transactions, and are perceived as being lower risk than BIMBOs and MBIs. In general, due to the managers inside knowledge of the business, MBOs tend to be easier to complete, although the phrase "average" cannot apply to these deals. There are always issues on every deal - the skill is to spot them early and remove them from the process. This is our forte!

BIMBOs and MBIs carry the risk that "outside" management influence a business they do not intimately understand, in a sector where they may not have experience. Therefore, risk increases for all parties. Just because there is more risk it does not mean such transactions don't happen - we regularly advise clients on these types of deals - it just means that the preparation and skill that goes into making the deal happen need to be appropriate to manage the risk.

The buy-out process can be complicated, time-consuming and often risky for management, so it's critical to get corporate finance expertise on board who will guide you through the process. Our role is to make your deal happen - to get you appropriate financial backing, for the right deal on the right terms.

Bob Hollis: 0117 973 9373      Patrick Gore: 02920 757 047

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