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Acquisitions & mergers

How long will the process take?

Every deal has it own life cycle. We'll give you a good indication right at the outset - but we can't give you a guarantee.

You should plan that it will take about six months before you can start to manage and integrate the target into your business.

Some deals are completed quicker than this - but everything needs to fall into place to make it happen. The pitfalls are numerous, although by rigorous planning - especially thinking the deal through really carefully before you start, and ensuring the deal is as simple as possible, you can maintain momentum to complete in the shortest time.

As a rule of thumb, the deals that happen quickest tend to be those that plan for integration issues from day one of the process.

No matter how long it takes, we will support you until your deal is done.

Bob Hollis: 0117 973 9373      Patrick Gore: 02920 757 047

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